How to do I sign up to AutomationHero support and submit a request?

Automation Hero Support Portal Address

Sign Up/In for a User Account at Automation Hero Support

In a web browser, enter the address

Click "Go to Customer Portal" to sign in.

Enter your email address and password to access support portal and submit new request or view your existing tickets.

Sign Up

Summit a request to us via form on support home-page: and our admin would create portal account

for you if you do not have one.


A registration link will be sent to your email address to register. Click on "Register to view content" to register and set your password.



After the Automation Hero support portal opens, enter new password for the account. When complete, click Save password.



You are then redirected to the Automation Hero support main page where you can:

  • Submit a ticket
  • View your existing tickets
  • View the FAQ
  • View announcements
  • Documentations

Sign In

If you have already signed up for an Automation Hero support account, click on "Go to customer portal"

Enter your login email address and password.

Click Login.

You are then directed to customer portal main page where you can:

  • Submit a ticket (File a support ticket)
  • View existing tickets
  • View knowledge base
  • sign out

Submit a Ticket to Automation Hero Support

You can submit a request from the main page by clicking Submit a request or click File a Support Ticket from Customer portal page.


Fill in the ticket fields.

Please enter as many details of your issue as possible, including:

  • The use-case you are considering/developing
  • Errors or behavior presented
  • Testing/debugging steps undertaken
  • snapshots 

Submit a Ticket to Automation Hero Support Without a User Account

It is possible to submit a ticket to Automation Hero support without having an account.

From, click Submit a request, enter your email address, and follow the instructions above to submit a ticket.

Tickets submitted without an account are replied to only via email and cannot be viewed from Automation Hero's support portal.

We recommend users sign up before submitting a ticket to support.